Europe SuperTrip 2014-15:


Trip Dates: May 10- 22, 2015

  • Counselors and managers in good standing at the date of the trip are eligible.
  • Participants will earn award points for business received by Precoa between Feb. 1, 2014 and Jan. 31, 2015.
  • Counselors will earn points for each dollar of funeral face value sold (minus chargebacks):
    • One award point for all single pay sales (including EPOs) over age 75 and all TIs (+1 bonus point for CEP)
    • Two award points for all other sales from national leads, including direct mail & Precoa internet-driven leads
    • Three award points for all other sales from local lead sources (+1 bonus point for CEP) and all Door Knocker sales
  • Managers may participate as a counselor and receive points on business that they personally produce as outlined for counselors. Additionally, managers will earn an override equal to one fourth of the award points earned by counselors in their region.

Award Points Needed

Counselors must earn a minimum of 1,200,000 points to qualify for the trip during the qualification period (Feb 1, 2014-Jan 31, 2015). However, 1,600,000 points will be needed to attend this trip. Qualified counselors may use points carried over from previous years or may purchase points in order to meet that 1,600,000 point mark. Any additional points can be used for room upgrades, extra nights, excursions, etc.


Prorated Qualification Schedule

Start Month


Room Rates

Interior Stateroom - included with qualification
Ocean View Stateroom - upgrade for 400,000 points
Veranda Stateroom, obstructed view - upgrade for 600,000 points
Veranda Stateroom - upgrade for 700,000 points
Concierge Veranda Stateroom - upgrade for 900,000 points
Family Veranda Stateroom - upgrade for 1,400,000 points
Sky Suite S2 - upgrade for 2,400,000 points
Sky Suite S1 - upgrade for 2,900,000 points

*All room selections subject to availability

Extra Nights in Rome

One extra night in Rome - upgrade for 300,000 points
Two extra nights in Rome - 
upgrade for 550,000 points

Excursion Rates (subject to change)

Explore Rome tour included with qualification

Santorini on your own (transport) - up to 16,200 points
Santorini private excursion - 45,000 points

Istanbul first day tour - 30,000 points
Istanbul second day tour - 30,000 points

Ephesus tour  - 45,000 points

Athens tour - 35,000 points

Mykonos on your own (transport)  - up to 3,300 points

Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii tour - 110,000 points
Capri, Sorrento, Positano tour - 100,000 points
Sorrento & Pompeii tour - 55,000 points
Amalfi Road Rally - 80,000 points

Extra Guest Rates

Interior Stateroom - +675,000 points per guest
Ocean View Stateroom - +725,000 points per guest
Veranda Stateroom, obstructed view - +775,000 points per guest
Veranda Stateroom - +775,000 points per guest
Family Veranda Stateroom – +775,000 points per guest
Concierge Veranda Stateroom - +825,000 points per guest
Sky Suite S2 - +1,000,000 points per guest
Sky Suite S1 - +1,000,000 points per guest

*Rates are for guests staying in the same cabin as the incentive trip qualifier. Rates do not include airfare; airfare will be charged at cost.

Who’s Qualified?

Coming soon: Best of luck to you!

Terms & Conditions

Awards points are non-transferable, carry no cash value and are redeemable only through the Precoa Escapes Program. Room type is based on availability. Precoa reserves the right to judge quality of business reported, as sold, as it relates to early death, lapse and surrenders. The payment of federal, state or local income tax levied on an award is the sole responsibility of the counselors and managers. Precoa will file a form 1099 when the amount of awards exceeds $600 in any calendar year. In matters relating to the interpretation and application of rules, the decision of Precoa shall be final. Cancellations must be received by Precoa before the close of online registration or all points earned may be forfeited. Precoa reserves the right to change, cancel or extend program at any time.