Extra Nights in Rome (+300,000 -550,000 pts)

Rome is a fantastic start to your European tour. Ancient ruins and modern luxuries alike wait around each twist and turn of the charming stone streets. Take advantage of this opportunity to see as much as you can of Rome, while you’re there!

If you choose not to purchase any additional nights in Rome, you will arrive in the morning on May 11. Included with your qualification is a walking tour of Rome that covers many of the top sights in several hours, before you leave via bus for the port of Civitavecchia to board the cruise ship (departs at 5 p.m.). If you purchase one night in Rome, you will be able to spend the evening and night in Rome and enjoy a full day’s exploration of the city. Adding a second night in Rome will give you a day to explore some of the top sights just outside the city, not to mention more amazing food and another unforgettable evening in the Eternal City!



Spend one night in Rome (+300,000 pts)- May 10, 2015

Accommodations at the Rome Marriott Park Hotel for two including meals, transfers, gratuities and excursions. Tour Imperial Rome: the Colosseum, the Forum, Campidoglio and Altar of the Fatherland.  Check into your room, rest up, and then spend an evening in Rome: linger over dinner in the Piazza Navona, stroll through the quaint Roman streets to the Pantheon, enjoy the best gelato in town, Trevi Fountain,  and the Spanish Steps. The next day tour the Vatican, see Michaelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel, tour the inside of Saint Peter’s Square and the Basilica before traveling through the countryside to your Celebrity Cruise ship.  This option leaves the U.S. on May 9. Total travel days: May 9-22.



Spend two nights in Rome (+550,000 pts)- May 9 & 10, 2015

Enjoy the same accommodations and tours as the one-night stay (see above). On the additional day, enjoy tours of the lush grounds and incredible fountains at the Villa d’Este in Tivoli, and the ancient and mysterious Catacombs of Rome. This option leaves the U.S. on May 8. Total travel days May 8-22.