Experience Another World At The AquaTheater

As you take your seat, the lights dim and the murmuring crowd begins to settle in around you. An otherworldly glow emanates from the stage, while around the pool geysers rise and fall like waves. The crowd suddenly goes silent.

A figure rises from the depths of the pool. Beads of water slide off his cloaked shoulders and a massive seashell emerges under his feet. He lifts his scepter.

Suddenly to his right a seahorse bursts from the pool and soars high into the air, a man on its back. Orchestral music swells as another leaps from the pool. They fly in and out of the water, in sync with the lights and fountains around them. An amazing waterworld has come to life before you at Allure of the Seas incredible AquaTheater.

The AquaTheater is like nothing else. It combines innovation, beauty, and talent on this aquatic stage to take you to another place.

In the show Oceanaria, you discover a world featuring a race of sea people, who dive to the depths of the ocean and soar high above it to tell you their story.

Orchestra music and technology add to this sensory experience. With its rising and falling stage, light and fountain shows programmed to match the acrobats, and 2,000 nozzles capable of shooting water 65 feet in the air, the AquaTheater is a modern marvel of technology.

Talented dancers, professional divers, and world-class acrobats dive from 60 feet high in the air, flip around on trampolines, and perform incredible feats of strength. It’s a stunning performance that has to be seen to be believed.

While all the shows take place under the stars, during the day you can enjoy the pool as well. Guests can swim in the largest and deepest freshwater pool at sea, relax on sun loungers, or even take Scuba lessons at the AquaTheater.

It’s all part of the fun of Allure of the Seas lively Boardwalk neighborhood. This seaside themed area boasts a hand-carved carousel, two six-deck-high rock-climbing walls, and a menagerie of restaurants as well. No matter what your plans, one thing is for certain – the Boardwalk and it’s amazing AquaTheater are not to be missed.

Boardwalk Neighborhood At A Glance

Location: Deck 6

Staterooms: 324 overlooking the Boardwalk, including 221 with balconies and six AquaTheater View suites

Dining Options: Neighborhood eateries specialize in comfort food and sweet treats. Rita’s Cantina, Johnny Rockets diner, the Donut Shop, the Ice Cream Parlor, and Boardwalk Dog House feature menus that will satisfy hungry patrons of all ages.

Shopping: The Boardwalk is host to Candy Beach Sweets, Star Pier and Pinwheels for kids’ retail, and Smile, a novelty photo shop.

AquaTheater Seats: 600

AquaTheater Dimensions: 51 x 22-foot pool, with a maximum depth of nearly 18 feet

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