Explore A City At Sea On The Royal Promenade

Night has come over Allure of the Seas’ Royal Promenade and the glow of street lamps replaces the bright light of the sun. People dine at the café, glance in shop windows, and sip cocktails by the fountain.

The sound of music in the distance, possibly from a nearby party, begins to grow and the colorful metallic surface of a giant globe splits to reveal a platform that unfolds in mid-air.

Suddenly, music fills the air and performers in costume pour into the Promenade. Kaleidoscopes of light dance across the city walls, lighting up the neighborhood like a disco ball. Synchronized dancers bound across the platform of the globe welcoming everyone to the Royal Promenade’s street party!

A true city at sea, Royal Promenade neighborhood brings a uniquely urban atmosphere to the Allure of the Seas. From the old brick and mortar exterior of the buildings to the classic car parked right on the Promenade, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a delightful metropolis as you stroll down the boulevard.

Look carefully to find the various pieces of artwork spread around the neighborhood – a bronze couple dancing, a little boy peering around a light post, and a harlequin trio ever performing. The architecture itself is an art, with crystal canopy skylights letting sun shine in from above, spiral staircases to the second floor, and beautiful lighting that changes the mood throughout the day and night.

One of the most unique design marvels of the Royal Promenade is Rising Tide. The fully functioning bar levitates, transporting passengers over three decks, from the Royal Promenade to Central Park. When absent from the Promenade, the area beneath the bar becomes a glowing fountain that is a beautiful spot to relax during an afternoon of shopping.

When it comes to shopping, the Royal Promenade is the place to be. Like walking down a chic avenue in Manhattan or Beverly Hills, there’s no shortage of luxury shops such as Guess and Regalia, as well as places like Solera, Prince & Greene, and Willow. Meanwhile, men who aren’t into shopping can get a fresh haircut at the stylish A Close Shave salon or explore the vast array of upscale pubs and restaurants.

The experience of a city with all the style and fun of a cruise – that’s the Royal Promenade neighborhood. It’s sure to be one of your favorite places to spend time during your stay on Allure of the Seas.

Royal Promenade Neighborhood At A Glance

Location: Deck 5

Staterooms: 18 Promenade view staterooms

Dining Options: Every restaurant on the Royal Promenade would be right at home in a typical big city. There’s New York style pizza at Sorrento’s, trendy treats at the Cupcake Cupboard, espressos at the Coffee Bar, casual dining at Café Promenade, as well as a variety of places to enjoy a few drinks, including Boleros, the Rising Tide Bar, the Bow and Stern, Schooner Bar, On Air Club, and the Champagne Bar.

Shopping: The Royal Promenade contains stores such as Solera, Prince & Greene, Guess, Willow, Regalia, The Shop, and A Close Shave men’s salon.

Classic Car: 1936 Mercedes Benz 540K

Adagio Dining Room: 2,900 seats spread over three decks featuring 1920s Art Deco interior design

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