The 5 Biggest Cruising Myths Busted!

Luxury cruising is one of the most popular forms of tourism in the world and boasts outstanding rates of repeat business among first-time guests. However, there are still some stubborn myths and misconceptions about cruising that cause concern among some would-be travelers. Don’t let these myths keep you from experiencing this wonderful vacation option!

Myth No. 1: I’ll Get Seasick

Many people fear seasickness, however today’s modern ships are all stabilized to reduce rolling (side to side motion) and designed by sophisticated computer aided design equipment to minimize pitching (up and down motion). On Royal Caribbean’s massive Allure of the Seas, its sheer size combined with its state-of-the-art computer stabilization systems makes the risk of motion sickness extremely slight.

If you’d rather be proactive and minimize the chances of any discomfort, there are many simple and inexpensive remedies such as drug-free “sea bands” or medications like Bonine or Dramamine.

Myth No. 2: Cruise Ships Are Too Crowded

With the size and creative design of today’s modern cruise ships it’s not difficult to find a quiet corner to read a book or be alone with your spouse. Of course a ship with over 3,000 passengers can seem crowded at times, but it’s no more so than most hotels, restaurants, or resorts. Cruise ship managers understand crowd control much like they do at Disney World. Luxury cruise ships usually have plenty of space per passenger and many spacious common areas.

Myth No. 3: I’ll Be Bored

Cruising is not the sedentary pastime it used to be, unless that’s what you choose to make of it. The entertainment options available on Allure of the Seas are closer to what you’d find in a vibrant city than the old fashioned cruise ship stereotype of deck chairs and shuffleboard.

No matter what you’re in the mood for – shopping, theater, sports, spa treatments, dancing, gambling, comedy, acrobatic shows, people watching, etc. – you’ll find it aboard Allure of the Seas.

And don’t forget how much your ports of call provide for exciting diversions and discovery. You can trek off on your own or take one of the pre-arranged tours.

Myth No. 4: Cruising Is Too Regimented

Au contraire! Cruising has never offered more options, variety, choice and informality than it does today. The cruise lines realize that today’s passengers do not want or need regimentation on their vacations because they already have an overwhelming amount of it in their daily lives. Passengers are now afforded the option to choose when, where and with whom they dine, what types of entertainment they partake in and a more varied array of shore excursions. There is an increasing emphasis on passenger comfort in terms of dress and informality in the ambiance.

One need not dress up every night in a tux or attend formal dinners as it had been in the past. But the cruise lines will and still do offer you the choice of a more “traditional” experience complete with assigned seating at dinner, formal nights and an extensive list of scheduled activities if you enjoy such sophistication.

Myth No. 5: Cruising Is Dangerous

Like flying, cruise ships seem to get a bad rap about danger when an isolated incident makes news headlines. They are actually very safe, and with over 11 million people cruising each year, the crime rate is very low.

Royal Caribbean, in particular, is an industry leader in regards to passenger safety. Annually rated the Best Cruise Line Overall, Royal Caribbean has maintained a sterling safety record throughout its 42-year history. To bolster their commitment to the safety and security of their guests, Royal Caribbean crew members also prepare for every possible scenario at the company’s advanced simulator training center.


Don’t let any of the any of the above keep you from experiencing a luxury vacation you’ll never forget. Once you take your first cruise, we’re positive that it won’t be your last!

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