The Europe SuperTrip 2014-15 is the most ambitious incentive travel vacation we have ever planned. It is truly the ultimate reward for the remarkable work our agents and managers do throughout the country.

For the first time, we have set up a banking system that will allow you to save points from both the Allure of the Seas 2012-13 and Dominican Republic 2013-14 trips to apply toward the European cruise.

We’re calling this a SuperTrip for a reason. It’s going to be one of the most amazing journeys we’ve ever sponsored, but it will also take a bit more saving and planning than previous trips. If there’s one thing Precoa agents do well, it’s pre-planning!

Here’s how the new banking system will work:

  • First, you still must reach a minimum annual point total. For Europe, you’ll need to tally at least 1,200,000 points in 2014-15 to be eligible to qualify for the trip.
  • However, it’s going to take 1,600,000 total points to secure your place on the Europe Supertrip. That’s where banking extra points from past trips is going to be critical.
  • By saving some of those extra points you earned in qualifying for the Allure of the Seas and Dominican Republic vacations, you will give yourself a great head start toward an unforgettable European adventure.
  • To help you do the math, we’ve created this handy “Road To Europe” calculator that you can download and use anytime to help project which numbers you will need to hit over the next two years to ensure your place on the SuperTrip.

Click here to download the Road to Europe Calculator!

Europe promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip and we can’t wait to see who joins us on the SuperTrip!

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