What if I have a question regarding flights?
How will I get from the airport to the pier?
  • When you arrive at the Miami International Airport, look for staff members with Precoa signs. They will direct you to a shuttle that will take you to the cruise terminal.
Will transportation to the cruise terminal be provided if I booked a pre-night at the Precoa sponsored hotel?
  • Yes. If you plan to stay one pre-night at the Precoa sponsored Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, you will receive instructions letting you know where and what time to meet to take the shuttle from the hotel to the cruise terminal.
Will transportation to and from the cruise terminal still be provided if I plan to book my own hotel for extension nights?
  • No. If you book your own hotel for extension nights, transportation to the cruise terminal will not be provided and you will be responsible for your own transportation.
How many bags can I bring onboard the ship?
  • Each guest is permitted to bring 200lbs of personal property onboard the ship. However, please keep in mind that storage is limited in each stateroom. Bags may be stored under your bed but depending on the size of each bag, no more than 2-4 may fit under one king size bed.
What do I do with my bags once I reach the cruise terminal?
  • Once you check in at the cruise terminal, you will check your bags with a porter. If you want to keep any bags with you throughout the day (such as a bag with swimsuit, medication, travel documents, etc), then keep that with you and do not give it to a porter. For any bags you plan to check, be sure to attach the bag tags containing your room number before giving them to a porter. These tags will be mailed to you in your pre-trip packet or you can ask for blank tags from the porters. The porter will take your bags to the ship and they will be delivered to your room later that day. As always, staff with Precoa signs will be at the cruise terminal to direct and help you if you have any questions.
What if I have a general Precoa Escapes question?
  • Please contact Ashley Threlfall for general questions prior to registration. She can be reached via email at escape@precoa.com or phone at 503-244-7755.
What if I have a question regarding my Precoa Escapes registration?
Do I need a passport?
  • Yes, a valid passport is required. You are responsible for determining what type of documentation is needed for your travel.
Does the name on my reservation need to match the name on my passport?
  • Yes. It is important that the name on your reservation be exactly as it is stated on your passport or other official proof of nationality. If your name has changed since your document was issued (e.g., marriage/divorce), it is required that you update the document with the new name or provide an official supporting document of the name change. Otherwise, it may result in delay or possible denial of boarding.
Do I need to bring cash?
  • We highly recommend bringing some cash with you. USD are accepted in all ports.
Will I have access to the internet onboard?
  • Yes, internet packages will be available to purchase through the Precoa Escapes registration site or you may also purchase once onboard.
How do I know what the dress code is on the ship each day?
  • Each evening you will receive a Royal Caribbean guide for the following day. This guide will inform you of the daily dress code, schedule of events and dining hours for each restaurant. For more information about the dress codes, please visit our travel tips page and download our packing guide.
Is there a safety drill once onboard?
  • Yes. A lifeboat safety drill, called “mustering” or “muster” is done once onboard.
Do you have wheelchairs onboard?
  • Complimentary wheelchairs are provided for getting on and off the ship and for emergencies. Guests are welcome to bring their own wheelchair or rent one from a company who will deliver it to their stateroom on the ship: Special Needs at Sea, 800-513-4515 and CareVacations, 877-478-7827.
What is a Seapass® card and how do I pay for onboard purchases?

An Onboard Expense Account, also known as your Seapass® onboard account, is the cashless system used for all onboard purchases and services. Seapass® cards are handed out at the pier or will be in your stateroom waiting for you.

The account may be set-up with either a credit card or as a cash account. You may establish a master account and add guests from your stateroom or another stateroom as authorized purchasers on your account.

For each purchase made onboard the ship you will use your Seapass® card and receive a receipt at the point of sale. A final statement will be delivered to your stateroom on the final morning of your cruise vacation for your review. Please note all onboard prices are in USD.To find out more about your onboard account, including the current balance, you can check your in-room TV.

Guests that set up a Seapass® account with a credit card should verify the statement. If all purchases are correct, they will automatically be billed to the credit card.

Guests on a cash account will need to settle their statement onboard prior to disembarking. The ship will provide you with specific details.

What if I miss my connecting flight or have questions while traveling?
  • If you need help while traveling to and from Miami, please contact one of the following people below.
  • Contact info coming soon.
Once on the ship, what do I do if I have a question about my registration?
  • If you have a question or need assistance with your trip planning during the cruise, you may visit the Precoa Hospitality Desk. Staff members there will assist you with all of your trip questions and planning needs. The location and daily hours will be printed on the travel guide you will receive in your pre-trip packet mailed a few weeks prior to the trip.
What is the minimum age for infants to sail?
  • Infants must be 6 months old as of the first day of the cruise. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Can I cruise if I am pregnant?
  • Royal Caribbean International cannot accept guests who will have entered their 24th week of pregnancy by the beginning of, or at any time during the cruise. There are no exceptions to this rule. All guests are required to sign a health questionnaire at check-in to ensure they are aware of the pregnancy policy.
Are children allowed to dine in specialty restaurants?
  • Yes, they are welcome and can dine for a lesser cover charge than adults. Children 5 and under are free and 6-12 years are $8 per person.
Is there a children’s program?
  • Yes, the Allure of the Seas offers a complimentary Adventure Ocean Youth and Teen program.
What if I am traveling with a minor for whom I am not the parent or legal guardian?
  • All nonfamily children under the age of 18 must have a notarized letter from one parent or guardian authorizing sailing with the family, plus authorization to allow emergency medical treatment and permission to sign waivers on behalf of the minor (FlowRider®, inline skating, ice-skating, rock-climbing, bungee trampoline). The specific activities permitted must be noted on the letter. Grandparents or any other relatives cannot be a substitute for a parent.
Which onboard restaurants are complimentary and which restaurants have an additional fee?
  • The Allure of the Seas has a variety of complementary and specialty dining options. The buffet and main dining room are just two of the complimentary options.Click here for a complete list of complimentary dining options as well as the specialty dining venues aboard the Allure of the Seas.
What is the main dining room and how does it work?
  • The main dining room serves breakfast, dinner and generally lunch on sea days. Unlike the buffet, you will be seated at a table, recieve a menu and order from a waiter. Unless specified, you can order as many dishes as you want in any menu category.
Will I have an assigned dinner time in the main dining room?
  • Yes, your dinner time will be 5:30 p.m. and you are expected to arrive at that time. You will receive a notice in your room reminding you of this time and letting you know from which deck to enter the main dining room.
How do I purchase a dining package?
  • All dining packages can be purchased onboard or at least four days prior to the sail date. Once you have your booking ID number, you may purchase a dining package through the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner.
Who do I contact for special dietary needs?
Do I need to make a reservation for specialty dining?
  • We highly recommend making specialty dining reservations before the cruise. You will be able to do this after registration and once you’ve received your booking ID number.
Is there room service?
  • Yes, the ship offers in-room dining 24 hours a day.
Are beverages included in the dining package?
  • No, dining packages do not include beverages. Beverages will be charged separately at regular price or you may purchase a beverage package.
Can I purchase a beverage package?
  • Yes, you can purchase drink packages onboard the ship or at least four days prior to the sail date. Once you have your booking ID number, you may purchase a dining package through the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner.
Which beverages are free?
  • Coffee, assorted teas, iced tea and lemonade. Juices during breakfast.
How do I know what activities are happening each day on the ship?
  • Each evening you will receive a Royal Caribbean guide. This guide will inform you of the daily dress code, schedule of events and restaurant dining hours for the following day.
Is there anything to do on the first day?
  • Yes! The first day of the cruise is the perfect time to explore the ship, go for a swim and grab a bite to eat while you wait for your room to be prepared.
Is there a charge for the shows and sports activities onboard?
  • No, all shows are complementary as well as the sports activities such as rock climbing wall, FlowRider, zipline and mini golf.
Do I need to make a reservation for the shows onboard?
  • Before leaving for Miami, we highly recommend making a reservation for the shows you’d like to see during your trip. You will be able to do this after registration and once you’ve received your booking ID number.
Can I ice skate on the ship?
  • Yes, but you must wear long pants and socks.
Do I need to bring my own pool or beach towel?
  • No, Royal Caribbean provides large beach/pool towels.
Is there a gym onboard?
  • Yes
Is there a salon and/or spa onboard?
  • Yes! We highly recommend you make reservations for shows ahead of time as most of them fill up by the time of the cruise. Once you have your booking ID number (you will receive this after you complete your Precoa Escapes registration), you may reserve shows through the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner.
How do I know what time the Precoa events will be?
  • A few weeks before your Precoa Escapes trip, you will be mailed a pre-trip packet containing important information. Please refer to the travel guide in your packet for more information about Precoa events, Hospitality Desk Hours and contact info if you need help. Don’t forget to pack this handy little guide!
Will my room be ready when I board the ship?
  • Typically staterooms are ready sometime in mid to late afternoon. Depending on when you arrive, your room may or may not be ready yet. An announcement will be made once rooms are ready.
Where can I store my empty bags after I’ve unpacked?
  • Most bags will fit underneath your bed.
Will the bathroom in my stateroom have shampoo/conditioner/soap?
  • Regular staterooms have shampoo and soap. Suites contain all three.
Will my stateroom have a hair dryer?
  • Yes. All rooms contain hair dryers.
Are there flat-screen TVs in every stateroom?
  • Yes.