How to Qualify



Advance Funeral Planners and managers in good standing at the date of the trip are eligible. Participants will earn award points for business received by Precoa between November 1, 2021 and January 31, 2023. However, qualification ends October 31, 2022. If qualified at that time, additional upgrade points may be earned from November 1, 2022 through Jan 31, 2023.

Participants will earn award points for business received by Precoa between Nov. 1, 2021, and Jan 31, 2023.

  • One award point for all single pay sales (including EPOs) at age 76 and up and all TIs (+1 bonus point for Home Visits)
  • Two award points for all other sales from national leads (+1 bonus point for Home Visits)
  • Three award points for all other sales from local lead sources (+1 bonus point for Home Visits)
  • 5,000 award points for each OAP membership sold
  • Minus any chargebacks – If you’re charged back dollars, you’ll be charged back the proportionate number of points to match the new policy value. Chargebacks after the qualification deadline will be applied to next year’s incentive trip point total.

*Unique rules apply for some funeral homes including Selected Services; please confirm with your manager if you have any questions.

Managers may participate as an Advance Funeral Planner and receive points on business that they personally produce as outlined for AFPs. Additionally, managers will earn an override equal to one fourth of the award points earned by an AFP in their region.

Advance Funeral Planners must earn a minimum of 1,400,000 points by October 31, 2022 to qualify for the trip. AFPs must pay an additional 300,000 points to attend (1.7 million points base trip) using additional points earned, Academy points, or rollover points. Additional points can be used for room upgrades, extra nights, excursions, etc. Rollover points carried over from previous years can be used for upgrades and excursions once the AFP or manager has already qualified.

What are the dates of the trip and where are we staying?
  • February 26 – March 2, we will stay at the Shangri-La Hotel, centrally located in the capital city
    of Bangkok. From there, you will choose either the mountain city of Chiang Mai or the famous
    island of Phuket to spend the next three nights, March 2-5. In Chiang Mai, we will be staying at the
    ShangriLa Chiang Mai. In Phuket, you will have the option of staying at the JW Marriott Phuket or
    Anatara Phuket. You will be flying between each city so each of these flights will be booked during
  • If you choose to extend your trip to 10 days, you will have the opportunity to visit all three
    cities, and experience the beauty of each of Thailand’s distinct regions.
  • Please note, you will need to add extra days for travel when planning this trip. Given the time
    change and distance of travel, most travelers will depart on February 24th or 25th, and arrive
    in Bangkok late on the 26th. For your return trip home, you will gain time. For example, for the
    7-day trip, you will depart late on March 5th and return home the evening of March 6th.
Can I bring my children on the trip?
  • Yes, all of the hotels on this trip are family friendly.
When will registration take place?
  • Registration for Thailand will likely begin in mid to late October and end in mid-November.
How many points do I need to qualify for Thailand?
  • In order to qualify for the Supertrip to Thailand, you must earn 1.4 million qualification points between Nov. 1, 2020 – Oct. 31, 2021.
I want to attend Thailand. If I don’t earn 1.4 million points between November 1, 2021 and October 31st, 2022, can I use a previously banked qualification to apply toward the Thailand qualification?
  • Yes, if you banked your Unico, Cabo or Hawaii qualification, you may use that to apply toward the
    1,400,000 Thailand qualification.
  • For example, if you use your Cabo qualification of 1,000,000 points, you would only need to earn 400,000 points during this period to reach the full 1,400,000 needed to qualify for Thailand.
What are the extra 300,000 points needed to attend Thailand?
  • You must earn 1.4 million points to qualify for Thailand. This is a standard qualification level.
    However, 1.7 million total is needed to attend the Super Trip and this is the added cost of attending
    a Super Trip. You may pay for these extra 300,000 points with rollover points, academy points or
    even purchase this with dollars ($600.00).
Can I bank my 2023 Thailand qualification to use to qualify for another trip in the future?
  • No, you may not bank your qualification points. If you qualify but do not wish to attend the Thailand
    trip, you may save your points in the form of rollover points. Rollover points can be used on upgrades
    on a future trip for which you qualify but may not be used to qualify for a trip.
  • We did allow banking qualifications at the start of the pandemic but the last time this was allowed
    was with the Hawaii qualification points.
Can I cash out my points?
  • The option to cash out will be offered during registration for the trip (October-November 2022) and paid out at the time of the trip (Feb/March 2023), if still in good standing at that time.
What is the “Bonus Points Period”?
  • Between November 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023, qualifiers will have the opportunity to earn bonus
    upgrade points. These can be used to help cover the 300,000 points needed to attend or any other
    trip upgrades. They will be added to your registration in early February following the end of the
    Bonus Points Period.
  • If you qualify by October 31, 2022 but choose not to attend the Super Trip, you will still keep any
    bonus points earned.
  • If you do not qualify for the trip by October 31, 2022, any points earned during this period will be
    lost. You may not keep them and you will begin saving points again on February 1, 2023.