Join Precoa Escapes May 1-6, 2020 as we indulge in a luxurious stay at the adults only all-inclusive resort, Unico. This breathtaking oasis is set on the stunning beaches of Riviera Maya and its rustic contemporary feel is the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Unico features three unique pools as well as a holistic spa and wellness center. Dining options vary from fine dining to casual beachside buffet and you’ll find locally-sourced ingredients and a variety of international flavors throughout. To top it off, everything you eat and see at Unico is inspired by the local culture. Prepare to relax, dine and indulge the senses at this extraordinary resort!

Celebrating Our Best

At Precoa, we’re in the business of helping people. We help families connect and begin healing when they need it most and we help each other to be the best we can be every day. Whether it’s a warm word of encouragement, unexpected support, or shared knowledge that benefits us all – we’re going far, because we’re going together. Every year, we recognize the nation’s best advance planners by embarking on a shared experience – an incredible vacation to somewhere beautiful, adventurous, relaxing, and inspiring. In so doing, we celebrate the best in all of us, and the blessings we share with others every day.


What Sets Escapes Apart

Personalized recognition

Seamless travel planning

5-star customer service

Unforgettable events


Precoa Escapes Guests

I have been on three trips coordinated by Escapes and have been totally impressed with each one. The coordination, the promptness, the offerings, the facilities, the willingness to correct any issues to make your stay and travel the most enjoyable experiences speak to their commitment to excellence. Can’t wait till the next opportunity!

David Potts

Precoa has always been a first class company. This trip was no exception. I want to commend the Precoa Escapes Team and Destinations on the job they did to create memories for a lifetime with absolute flawlessness. Your commitment to these incentive trips aligns perfectly with your commitment to serving your partners, their preneed advisors…

Ted Myers

Great team of people to work with! This team always plans fun and exciting events and are so organized. The website is very easy and handy to use on my own time schedule. Thanks for all you do Precoa Escapes team!

Theresa Sutton