Terms & Conditions


Awards points are non-transferable, carry no cash or exchange value, and are redeemable only through the Precoa Escapes Program (“PEP”). Room type is based on availability. Precoa reserves the right to judge quality of business reported, as sold, as it relates to early death, lapse and surrenders. You agree to be solely responsible for the payment of any applicable federal, state or local income tax levied on any award received by you through the PEP. Precoa will file a form 1099 when the amount of any award(s) exceeds $600 in any calendar year. You understand and agree that Precoa retains the sole and absolute discretion over all matters relating to the interpretation and application of rules of the PEP.

Cancellations must be received by Precoa before the close of online registration or all points earned may be forfeited. Precoa reserves the right to change, cancel or extend program at any time. You understand and agree that all incentive or award points attributed to you, regardless of the amount, may be eliminated and deemed void by Precoa at any time for any reason.

During the Escapes trip, Precoa will take a variety of photographs and video footage for promotional purposes. By qualifying for and opting to attend the Escapes trip, you grant Precoa the absolute and irrevocable right to use your image, likeness, voice, and appearance taken in any recorded form, including but not limited to video content and digital images. Further, you agree and acknowledge that you will not receive compensation for any such future use by Precoa or its affiliates.

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