Understanding Points

Escapes Points System

An integral part of our Escapes program is the points system. Throughout the year, you earn points for each dollar of sales, as described on the How to Qualify page. During trip registration, you have the ability to fully customize your trip by using those points to purchase room upgrades, excursions, and more.  Our points system comes with its own lingo – here’s a helpful guide to understanding what the different categories of points mean and how they can be used! 

Qualification Points

Each year, you will have a qualification level to meet – a minimum required number of points needed to attend the trip. Throughout the qualification period, you will accumulate incentive points based on your sales, and these points will all show up on the registration site as “qualification points.” You’ll also see this number on AFP and field manager-facing reports throughout the year.

Base Trip Cost

Your qualification level is the same as your base trip cost, because this is the minimum amount needed to attend the trip. For example, if the qualification level is 1,000,000 points, you will see a deduction for 1,000,000 points on the reg site, labeled “base cost.” Think of this as your ticket for two to attend our amazing trip!

Upgrade Points

At the end of the qualification period, any points you have over the qualification level, or, to restate that, any points that you have in excess of the base trip cost are considered upgrade points, because these are the points you have available to spend on upgrades.

When you first go to register for the trip, you will see your available upgrade points as your “points balance.” It’s simply your total qualification points minus the base trip cost.

Rollover Points

Your rollover points are your unspent points from previous years. Your rollover points cannot help you qualify for a trip, but you can intentionally save points to buy bigger upgrades in the future, if you choose.

If you qualify in a given year, any unspent points after the trip will automatically be rolled over to a future trip. For example, if you earned 1,500,000 incentive points, and spent 1,000,000 on the base trip and 100,000 on upgrades, you would roll over 400,000 points. Or if you did not attend the trip at all, you would roll over 1,500,000 points. Those points are available for you to spend the next time you qualify for an Escapes trip. You cannot see your rollover points on reporting throughout the year, but you will see them in your cart at the time of trip registration. Rollover points never expire.

Academy Points

You earn points by completing sections of the Precoa Academy. Your spendable points accumulate until you qualify for a trip – then they are pulled into the trip registration site and act just like upgrade points or rollover points. If you don’t use them, they will automatically end up in your rollover points for future use.

Forest Lawn

Forest Lawn advisors, please refer to your internal information regarding Club Level rankings, bonus points, and rollover eligibility.

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